Honey J recalled her wedding and honeymoon, “I went a little overboard… There is one regret”

Dancer Honey J revealed the behind-the-scenes story of her wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

On December 9th, a video titled “From bridal makeup to honeymoon. Honey J’s wedding behind the scenes” was released on HOLYBANG, the official YouTube channel of dance crew Holy Bang.

In the video, Honey J got together with the Holy Bang members 2 weeks after her wedding. The dancer then pointed out that things have changed after the wedding, saying, “I no longer say I have a boyfriend to people, but refer to him as ‘the groom’.” 

honey j

Then, while discussing her honeymoon, Honey J said that she went a little overboard and walked a lot on the first day of the honeymoon. It was also the first time she experienced her stomach tightening while exercising, since she normally has good stamina. 

As she watched her wedding video and recalled the ceremony, Honey J drew attention by saying, “There is only one thing I regret. I couldn’t appear properly. The heels were high and it was hard to not step on the dress. I walked a little like this. As if I was waddling or trudging. That was a pity.”

honey j

Meanwhile, Honey J married her non-celebrity younger husband in November. 

Back in September, the couple announced their marriage and Honey J’s pregnancy at the same time and received a lot of congratulations.

Source: Nate

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