“SUN”, which was controversial due to (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s plagiarism, appears in karaoke system without the name of the original composer

The song “SUN”, which was embroiled in controversies over plagiarism after (G)I-DLE Soyeon participated in writing and composing it, was recently released in karaoke. 

On December 10th, TJ Karaoke announced that the song “SUN”, which was released on MBC’s reality competition program “My Teenage Girl” in February, was listed on its system.

When the song was first released, (G)I-DLE Soyeon (Jeon So Yeon) and Pop Time were specified as composers. However, some melody parts of the song were pointed out to be similar to ATEEZ’s “WAVE” chorus.


Later, “WAVE” composer Eden-ary was added to the credit of “SUN” on all music sites. As a result, netizens believed that Soyeon had actually admitted to plagiarism.

In this regard, Eden-ary’s agency KQ Entertainment stated, “There was no prior discussion with Eden-ary as well as our company”, causing the controversy to arise again.

Soyeon’s agency CUBE Entertainment then issued an apology, saying “We were aware of the similarity of some melodies through monitoring immediately after the broadcast, and the artist had personally delivered the situation to the original composer and apologized.”


They explained, “Judging that credit modification should be done as much as the similarity is recognized, Soyeon consulted the composer and asked for permission to credit him through the production company. An hour before the song’s release on music charts, the composer’s agency opposed the addition of the credit, and asked for a re-adjustment through the production company, but the song was released without being reflected with the additional credit.”

Recently, the credit of “SUN”, which was belatedly released in the karaoke system, drew attention as only POP TIME and Soyeon were listed as songwriters. The name of “WAVE” composer Eden-ary was nowhere to be found.

Source: Nate

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