Here’s why Oh My Girl’s Yubin says messages from foreign fans surprise her sometimes 

Yubin talks about automatically translated messages she received from overseas fans. 

Yubin’s private messages sent through fan community app Universe recently drew attention on various online communities.

Yubin said, “Sometimes I am surprised when I read messages (from fans). Overseas Miracles also sent me messages, but with the help of a translator, sometimes they asked like ‘what are you doing?’, but there were times when I received, ‘what the hell are you doing?'”.

She continued, “At first I misunderstood that it’s because they thought it’s just text, but now that I know it’s because of the translator, I find it cute. There was a fan that sent, ‘Think about it a little’. It seems to be saying, ‘Think of my body’. It is cute and funny.”

Oh My Girl Yubin

Korean netizens who saw this couldn’t stop laughing. They left comments such as, “This is so cute, but I think I’d be embarrassed when I first read these messages”, “The automatic translator is really funny”, “Overseas fans would be embarrassed when they know about this”, “LOL”, and “They sound like they are going to have a fight with her”.

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