“Queendom 2″ breaks its own highest ratings…”Best 1-minute” belongs to LOONA

While “Queendom 2” has started its second battle under the theme of “Cover Song Showdown”, it is continuing its hot topic streak by breaking its own highest ratings.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, a rating research agency, the latest episode of Mnet”s “Queendom 2“, which aired on April 14th, recorded the highest rating of 1.7% and an average rating of 1.2% (paid household in the metropolitan area) while the highest rating for two episodes before that was 1.5%, with an average rating of 1%. The main character of the minute with the highest ratings was LOONA. Their process of preparing for the second round, such as visiting Hyolyn who was confirmed as their cover battle’s rival, recorded the highest viewership ratings.

Queendom 2

On this day”s episode, after seeing the 1st round’s ranking result, the teams started refining their fighting spirit ahead of the second competition, which can be called a full-fledged battle. All the teams from Hyolyn to Brave Girls worked hard to prepare for the next mission, expressing their sincere efforts on stage regardless of their rank.

Eventually, the day of the second competition came. The stages will be performed in the order of Cosmic Girls, Loona, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, Kep1er, and Hyolyn, according to the cue sheet created by Hyolyn, who achieved overwhelming victory by receiving the perfect scores (including self-evaluation, global fan vote, and on-site audience vote) in the first round.

Cosmic Girls, who opened the first stage of the second competition, selected “NAVILLERA” by VIVIZ (GFRIEND) as their contest song. Cosmic Girls continued to ponder and discussed how to recreate the well-known original song in their own charm. Cosmic Girl, an idol team that can overcome any crisis and is capable of improvisation in any unexpected situation, contemplated various concept choices and focused on their stage perfection. Other teams continued to shower Cosmic Girls with compliments, who splendidly finished their first stage with an arrangement that was completely different from the original song and a mysterious atmosphere.

After Cosmic Girls, the main character of the second stage is LOONA. As LOONA was unable to participate in the first competition due to health reasons, they will automatically be eliminated if the team places 6th in this round. Among Hyolyn“s countless hit songs, after much consideration of which song to cover, LOONA finally chose SISTAR’s “Shake it” as their song for this round. For a perfect stage, LOONA visited Hyolyn to learn her choreography and showed their enthusiasm, creating a musical-like stage that delights both the audience’s eyes and ears.

Queendom 2

The third team to take up the stage was Brave Girls, who had to cover a song of Kep1er, the youngest team in “Queendom 2”. Brave Girls, who wanted to show a reversal in their concept, gave various opinions and ideas from the song selection, and tried to differentiate them from the original through a new arrangement. Brave Girls also faced a crisis after being tested positive, but for the stage, the members did their best in their respective places. Brave Girls encouraged themselves, saying, “Comparing to the time I spent packing and thinking about disbanding before rising back up the chart (with “Rolin’”), this level of hardship is nothing.” Although Brave Girls had a short preparation time, they showed an unimaginable stage composition and structured development.

Queendom 2

WJSN, LOONA, and Brave Girls have proven themselves as global K-pop girl groups by breaking their limits and presenting new and fresh stages. The stages of VIVIZ, Kep1er, and Hyolyn, who will compete in the second competition with even stronger stages, can be confirmed through “Queendom 2” next Thursday at 9:20 pm.

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