Han So Hee’s sapphic love story “Heavy Snow” causes a stir on social media 

The Girls’ Love movie starring Han So Hee is set to release in 2023. 

It was spoiled on social media that the movie “Heavy Snow” starring Han So Hee will be released in 2023. The movie is drawing attention by focusing on the sapphic love lines, directed by Suik Yun. The movie wrapped up filming in 2019. 

han so hee
han so hee
Han So Hee in a new movie about a sapphic love story. Image: K Love 

While netizens are guessing the official release date of the movie, they are passing around a cut supposedly from the work in which Han So Hee was immersed in the “bad girl” image. Fans were excited from the cut and knew that she was “in her element” and that they could not wait to see the movie in the theater. 

Han So-hee thumbnail

Source: K Love

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