Han So Hee gets rid of the title “Song Hye Kyo’s lookalike” thanks to her improvement in acting

Despite being a top actress in the Korean entertainment industry, Song Hye Kyo apparently fails to outdo a junior who is often called a younger version of her. 

Due to the similarities in their appearances, Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee have been repeatedly pitted against each other in terms of both visuals and acting. Although she is still a rising actress, Han So Hee has managed to leave an impression on the viewers thanks to her recent performances, proving her talent more than before.

Han So Hee Song Hye Kyo
Han So Hee Song Hye Kyo
Han So Hee and Song Hye Kyo continue to be compared 

In the drama “Nevertheless” released in August this year, Han So Hee had a controversial performance, sparking many mixed reactions. However, thanks to her latest series “My Name”, which came out on Netflix on October 15, it seems like the 1994-born actress has successfully convinced the viewers with her performance.

In fact, when the first teasers for “My Name” were released, many viewers did not set high expectations for Han So Hee after they saw her acting in “Nevertheless” and “The World of the Married” (2020). However, overcoming the preconceptions, Han So Hee has succeeded in delivering a striking “makeover” with her new character, from an innocent, naive girl in a romance drama to a vengeful and tough girl in an action thriller with a darker and more violent theme. Not only pulling off the action-packed scenes, but Han So Hee has also managed to showcase her diverse expressions and charisma, portraying the character’s backstory in an emotional way. Not to mention, Han So Hee was willing to cut her beautiful long hair, gain 10kg, and always appear on screen with many wounds on her face and body to make the character look more realistic. 

Han So Hee Song Hye Kyo
Han So Hee in the action thriller “My Name”, playing a kind of character she’s never tried before.  

After a day of release, “My Name” has grabbed the attention of a large number of viewers and is expected to help Netflix continue the success of the global hit “Squid Game”. As for Han So Hee, this is considered a stepping stone to her career. Not only getting rid of the prejudgements that she only has the visuals and lacks acting skills, Han So Hee is also considered one of the most outstanding actresses of the new generation, with the potential to be listed among the top actresses who often play strong and bold female characters in films and TV. 

Han So Hee Song Hye Kyo
Han So Hee has received many compliments by transforming into a strong woman fighter
She is not hesitant to shoot hot scenes and heavy action scenes

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is also about to make a drama comeback after a 2-year hiatus. Accordingly, Song Hye Kyo will act alongside her junior Jang Ki Yong who is 11 years younger than her in the upcoming drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which will officially air this November.

In the series, Song Hye Kyo plays Ha Young Eun – a design team leader of a fashion brand. Not only having a gorgeous appearance, Ha Young Eun is also an intelligent and independent woman who has it all. At the age of 38, she still focuses on her career and does not want to waste time on boring relationships. She only changes her mind when she meets the photographer Yoon Jae Kook (Jang Ki Yong). Together, the two will deliver a romantic love story to the viewers. 

As a top actress, Song Hye Kyo continues to play characters with familiar vibes
This continues to be another romance drama of Song Hye Kyo

Although it is not broadcast yet, some viewers have expressed their disappointment because this is going to be another female lead character with a beautiful, gentle, elegant image of Song Hye Kyo, which is totally similar to the roles she played before.

Earlier in 2018, Song Hye Kyo failed to achieve much success with the drama Encounter. This causes many viewers to believe that Song Hye Kyo is not willing to take on new and more exciting roles and only likes to stick to the same on-screen image that viewers are already familiar with. 

Song Hye Kyo’s previous drama is not considered a success

Through her latest work, Han So Hee has shown her improvement in acting skills and especially her confidence and willingness to challenge herself in new and different roles. Therefore, many netizens think that it will be unfair if Han So Hee is still called “the younger version of Song Hye Kyo“.

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