Han Seo-hee is charged for the 3rd time with drug charges, sentenced to six months in prison after hair roots test

Her hair test came out as “positive” for methamphetamine, while there were bloodstain reactions on the discovered syringes, too.

Han Seo-hee (27, female), a former idol trainee who was indicted for the third time on charges of taking drugs, was sentenced to prison.

Judge Koo Ja-kwang of the Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced Han to six months in prison on Sep 23rd for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Han is suspected of taking drugs such as methamphetamine with Jeong at an officetel in Jungnang-gu, Seoul, in July last year.

Han claimed that she did not take drugs, but Judge Koo explained, “It has been confirmed that the methamphetamine and amphetamines test has been positive up to 6cm in your hair roots,” adding, “This means that you are believed to have been taking drugs up to nine months ago.”

Judge Koo also said, “All 48 syringes seized at the arrested site tested positive for methamphetamine, and 10 syringes showed bloodstains from the accused.”

On this day, Han entered the court wearing a black T-shirt and looked down all the time.

Judge Koo said, “The defendant committed another drug crime during the probation period of her prison sentence even though she has a history of being punished for the same kind of crime,” adding, “However, we also looked at all conditions for considering equity in the relation with the crime that has already been judged.”

Source: dispatch

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