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Han Ga In reacts to Song Kyung Ah’s compliment for her beauty, “Can I wear a dress in front of such a beautiful model?”

Han Ga In welcomes top model Song Kyung Ah’s guess appearance and praises her goddess beauty.

In the third episode of MBN’s “Greek Roman Myths-Private Life of the Gods 2” (directed by Song Sung Chan), scheduled to air on April 20th, MC Han Ga In shows a humble attitude in front of Song Kyung Ah, creating a warm atmosphere at the studio.

During the recording, Han Ga In said, “I thought they turned on more lights because the studio was so warm”, then introduced Song Kyung Ah, “This person has a connection with our program. I think she has a mythical beauty.” Song Kyung Ah also praised Han Ga In’s visual, saying “I prepared a satin dress to look like a goddess, but in front of me is someone who looks like Aphrodite.” Han Ga In replied, “I wondered if I could wear a dress in front of such a beautiful model.”


In a friendly atmosphere, Song Kyung Ah said, “I’m interested in myths, and I even went to Athens to see the Parthenon temple. I was that into it”, revealing her passion for the program. The myth story of that episode, which started with Song Kyung Ah’s sparkling eyes, was the tragic love story of Dionysus, the god of wine.

In this regard, Professor Kim Heon said, “The name of the popular nutritious tonic that we drink a lot in Korea is derived from the Roman name of Dionysus, Bacchus. BTS also released a song called ‘Dionysus’, which gained global popularity”. He then surprised everyone by performing the rap part of BTS’s “Dionysus”. In response, Song Kyung Ah wittily said, “It’s a completely different vibe. It’s not like that”, drawing laughter. Kim Heon quickly apologized, saying, “I’m actually not good at singing…”

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Kim Heon continued, “It’s a song that expresses Dionysus holding a wine glass in one hand and a thyrsus in the other hand. I think the mood of BTS’s music will flow throughout this episode”, raising expectations for the overall atmosphere of the broadcast. Storyteller Seol Min Seok followed Kim Heon’s introduction and delivered the heartbreaking story of Dionysus, making Han Ga In and Song Kyung Ah shed tears.

The third episode of MBN’s knowledge entertainment program “Greek Roman Myths-Private Life of the Gods 2” with the story of Dionysus will air at 10:20 p.m. on April 20th.

Source: Daum

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