How Top Korean Actress Han Ga In Got the Instagram Verification Badge

Han Ga In, one of Korea’s top actresses, recently visited Instagram’s headquarters to receive the blue checkmark, also known as the Instagram verification badge. 

The Instagram blue checkmark is a service limited to celebrities, politicians, and business figures that appears next to their username on Instagram.

han ga in

On March 22, BH Entertainment, Han Ga In’s agency, uploaded a video titled “Will Han Ga In Succeed in Getting the Blue Checkmark on Instagram?” to its official YouTube channel. In the video, Han Ga In shared her plans to visit Instagram’s headquarters to learn how to obtain the verification badge.

Han Ga In, who opened her Instagram account six months ago, expressed her concerns about photo adjustments and sizing. She explained that she did not understand how to adjust the photo size because the picture would appear cropped behind the video when she posted it.

han ga in

Once she arrived at Instagram’s headquarters, Han Ga In took pictures in the photo zone and attended a lecture to learn more about the verification badge. After completing the course, Han Ga In finally received the blue checkmark that she wanted. 

Back in January, Han Ga In appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and expressed her desire to obtain the verification badge. At the time, she said, “I want to get the blue checkmark, but I don’t know how to do it. If you tell me the conditions, I will do my best to meet them. Please give me the blue checkmark.” She even sent a video message to Instagram’s management.

han ga in

Instagram and Facebook have offered free verification badge services to famous people for some time now. However, since last month, ordinary people can also receive the blue checkmark after verifying their identities by submitting their identification card information and paying a monthly fee of $11.99 (approximately KRW 15,500). iOS users also need to pay a commission fee of $13.99 (KRW 18,000) per month.

Source: Wikitree

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