Haha mentioned his ex-girlfriend Ahn Hye Kyung in front of his wife Byul, “I had an open relationship”

Haha talked about his past relationship on the new broadcast of “Haha Bus”.

ENA aired a new episode of the program “Haha Bus” on April 18th.

While Haha and Byul were away on a date, Kwang Hee made a surprise appearance on the show and took care of the children for the couple. The youngest Song drew admiration from viewers as she helped Kwang Hee pick up trash with her cute little hands. She said, “We shouldn’t litter.”


In the meantime, Haha and Byul were enjoying their date. Haha suddenly said, “I know who you dated in the past”. Byul responded, “Stop talking about it. It doesn’t matter”. Haha added, “I had an open relationship, but you didn’t”, indirectly referring to his ex-girlfriend Ahn Hye Kyung. As Haha laughed awkwardly, Byul also disclosed her past relationship, saying “I also dated publicly, but I wasn’t famous back then.”

Later, Haha suddenly brought up the story about their daughter Song. Revealing that he strongly opposed her marriage, Haha said, “No one can become my son-in-law”. Byul replied, “Then how can Song get married? Why are you blocking her way?”, adding “Your mother wished that you could meet a good girl, isn’t that why I’m here?”. Haha then reacted, “Then what about my ex-girlfriend?”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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