Gummy, “Many people recognize me as Jo Jung suk’s wife… I should work harder”

Singer Gummy met fans of her husband Jo Jung Suk at her concert.

Gummy’s 20th-anniversary concert “BE ORIGIN” was held at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul on February 4th.

Beginning her 20th-anniversary “BE ORIGIN” concert tour in November last year and meeting about 20,000 fans in 8 cities, including Cheonan, Daegu, Ulsan, Busan, Suwon, Gwangju, Seongnam, and Incheon, Gummy will wrap the tour with the Seoul shows.

Gummy concert

After performing “If You Come Back To Me” and “We Should’ve Been Friends” for the opening, Gummy then expressed her gratitude to the audience, saying “I think people who have enjoyed my music for a long time are gathering here”.

She continued, “I think there are people who got to know me just recently or still don’t know me well. Some of you may have followed your friends and acquaintances here.”

At that time, an audience raised her hand and revealed that her sister took her there. While talking to this audience who liked her songs but couldn’t find the stage, Gummy said, “This friend likes musicals, and she knows actor Jo Jung Suk, arousing enthusiastic reactions as she mentioned a special name. 

Gummy then introduced, “I’m his wife”, adding “I debuted 1 year earlier than him”, drawing laughter. She continued, “I recently met a middle school student to shoot content and that friend recognized me as Jo Jung Suk’s wife”, adding “I should work harder”.

The female singer smiled and said, “There are probably many people who know me as Jo Jung Suk’s wife but that’s okay”.

Meanwhile, Gummy’s concert tour will last until the last show on February 5th. Her husband, actor Jo Jung Suk, will appear as a guest on the last day.

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