Gorgeous K-drama female villains: Han So Hee and Kim So Yeon stole the show

Female actresses often exude impressive allure in K-dramas, and perhaps even more so when they play the villain.  

Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

Alongside the jaw-dropping acting chops of recent K-drama “The Glory”, Lim Ji Yeon, who plays the main antagonist, also leaves a deep impression. 

Playing a character born in wealth and always getting whatever she wants, Lim Ji Yeon often appears in gorgeous outfits and accessories. However, in real life, the actress opted for a softer and sweeter style, fitting of her meeker roles in the past. 

Lim Ji Yeon thumbnail

Nevertheless, Lim Ji Yeon’s styling and visuals in “The Glory” is oddly fitting, to the point audiences can’t help but be impressed despite hating her character. 

Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon penthouse

All cast members of the “Penthouse” trilogy managed to make their own marks, yet it is no exaggeration to say that Kim So Yeon was the most memorable of them all. In particular, alongside her outstanding acting performances, Kim So Yeon’s visual was the talk of town, 

Kim So Yeon

Even in her 40s, Kim So Yeon looks youthful, yet regal. Her chic, sharp, and fatal charm in the series make it impossible for viewers to take their eyes off her. 

On the other hand, Kim So Yeon shines even without the heavy makeup she donned in “Penthouse”. In real life, it is her sweet beauty that stands out. 

Han So Hee

Han So-hee thumbnail

Han So Hee experienced explosive popularity after playing the villain of the hit drama “The World of The Married”. Here, the actress transformed into a young and rich woman who had everything, yet desired a married man. 

Han So-hee

Despite her insufferable character, the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with Han So Hee. With her impressive visuals, the actress earned the nickname of “little Song Hye Kyo”, and is considered a top-tier visual among current actresses.

At the same time, Han So Hee’s beauty is both “girl-boss” and seductive, making it possible for her to adapt into different characters. Hopefully, Han So Hee will shine even more in the future. 

Seo Ji Hye

Seo Ji Hye Adamas

Prior to her appearance as Seo Dan in “Crash Landing On You”, Seo Ji Hye has assumed various villain roles throughout her acting career. With her somewhat “untouchable” vibe and cold expressions, the actress managed to steal the spotlight as the antagonist of “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me”.

In fact, Seo Ji Hye seems to fit cold characters that fight for what they want, rather than simple and innocent roles. Whether it is on the screen or in real life, there’s just a chic and regal charm that radiates from the actresses, making her a perfect fit for villainous or headstrong characters. 

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