Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Playing the role of a victim in the 2012 bully scandal but what Hwayoung (and her sister) had done to T-ara will give you goosebump.

Until today, there must be no one who is patient enough to defend Hwayoung, the “victim” of T-ara’s bully scandal in 2012. At that time, netizens defended Hwayoung because they were led to believe she was boycotted by other T-ara members. After many years, the secret of that year’s scandal slowly reveals itself. Hwayoung’s true face and what she had done to T-ara will make you shiver.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Faking a leg injury so that she doesn’t have to perform

At the time of thesituation, T-ara was in Japan for their schedule. While other members were working hard to rehearse, Hwayoung announced that her leg is in pain and need to be hospitalized. CEO Kim Kwang Soo revealed that Hwayoung’s legs are totally fine, but she still went to the airport on crutches and insisted on resting due to her injury.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

A staff who is an acquaintance of Hwayoung had told the T-ara’s member: “Hwayoung was walking in the bathroom without bandages or crutches. She even asked me to take her to the salon to do her nails.” 

Insulting other T-ara’s members for no reason

Recently, Korean netizens re-investigate Hwayoung’s attitude when she was just a newly-added member. At a music concert of KBS, Hyomin tried to wake Hwayoung up to prepare for the performance. However, she became angry and started to insult the members heavily. After, she continues to fight and insult Jiyeon because Jiyeon was questioning why did she swear.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

As a result, Jiyeon burst into tears and couldn’t control her emotion on stage. She was criticized by netizens for not being professional on stage.

Sending text threatening Ahreum

Ahreum is a member participating in T-ara after Hwayoung. At this time, the company was planning to increase T-ara’s competitiveness, helping the group to become the top K-POP girlgroup.

However, sisters Ryu did not seem to like her. Evidence that the message Hyoyoung cursed Ahreum and threatened to scrape her face was posted on SNS after 5 years of sinking into oblivion. These threats made Ahreum’s spirit seriously affected.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Leaving before the show, causing T-ara to perform on stage with an inadequate lineup

Also in the interview revealing the truth, CEO Kim said Hwayoung had thrown away her crutches and declared not to perform at Music Bank. This made T-ara extremely confused, the members had to change the lineup and quickly memorize Hwayoung’s line rap for the recording.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Publicly mocking T-ara on SNS

The most indignant was that, despite leaving the group, it seems that Hwayoung is still very jealous of T-ara. When T-ara released the song “Little Apple”, Hwayoung posted an image of a pointed apple on her personal page.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Talking about T-ara on a regular basis every time the group prepares for a comeback

Unknowingly, accidentally or deliberately, Hwayoung often took the opportunity to have an interview or reveal a little about T-ara whenever the group came back. At the time, she expressed the attitude of ignoring everything, but still revealed her conflict with the old group.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara
Occasionally, Hwayoung mentioned T-ara

Her still pretending to be the victim despite being the source of everything,

After the social networking scandal, T-ara and MBK Entertainment faced a severe media crisis. The group had to struggle to enter the American and Chinese market to find opportunities to survive. However, while the public misunderstood T-ara, Hwayoung was completely silent, despite the fact that the members who were once in the same group with her had been subjected to public hardships.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Hwayoung talked about the difficulties that she herself has experienced on “Taxi”

After 5 years, when things got settled down, Hwayoung and her sister suddenly went on the show “Taxi” to cry and talk about the difficulties she had to go through.

Shamelessly posting photos of T-ara on the personal page

Last year, stylist Kim Woori revealed the truth about Hwayoung on television. This stylist said Hwayoung is pretty arrogant, ugly, and often called employees “Shampoo”.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara
The former stylist said Hwayoung was bad-tempered and disrespectful

However, Hwayoung’s response has become a joke for netizens. She cut the photos of the stylist and T-ara members in the internet to denounce the close relationship between them. But things were not as Hwayoung calculated, these images only showed how T-ara was loved by the staff. Due to this embarrassment, Hwayoung removed the photo from Instagram.

Goosebump: “Victim” Hwayoung and her cruel tricks towards T-Ara

Hwayoung posted photos of T-ara and the old stylist on her personal page to excuse for herself

T-ara’s fans were furious at the image of the idols appearing on Hwayoung’s personal page while simultaneously bashing Hwayoung by calling her “poisonous snakes” and “shameless” when using the group’s image to excuse for herself.

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