Gong Yoo Joked About Best Friend Lee Dong-wook, “He Calculates And Shows Off”

Actor Gong Yoo revealed his best friend Lee Dong-wook’s unexpected charm

On September 29th, a video titled “The Chuseok holiday is Pinggyego” was released on the YouTube channel “DeunDeun.” In the video, MC Yoo Jae-seok invited Gong Yoo, Jo Se-ho, and Yang Se-chan to have a talk.

Jo Se-ho said that Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, and Yoo Jae-seok “are just the style of quietly calculating.” Gong Yoo responded, “Dong-wook showed off to me when he paid for something, saying “I paid for it,” drawing laughter. Jo e-ho and Yang Se-chan laughed at this, saying, “Because you’re older.” In Korea, it is normal for the older to pay for the younger.

Gong Yoo said, “When Dong-wook goes fishing with me, there are the younger managers who go with us. He never brags about buying them anything, as if it was something natural to do, but he shows off to me,” drawing laughter.

Jo Se-ho said, “When I see Dong-wook with Gong Yoo, he looks more like a real younger brother,” adding, “When Dong-wook talks, Gong Yoo nods his head and says, ‘Yes, yes’. Dong-wook will also become a younger brother to Gong Yoo.” Yang Se-chan and Jo Se-ho added, “He’s an infinitely big brother to us.

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