Go Hyun Jung’s extreme diet method revealed, the manager lost weight together with her?

Go Hyun Jung’s appearance changes and dieting tips were highlighted in a recent broadcast. 

The broadcast of tvN’s “Free DoctorM” on March 27th revealed the rankings of stars with dramatic changes before and after dieting. Here, Go Hyun Jung’s name was mentioned in the 4th position.

Go Hyun Jung is known for her outstanding beauty as a Miss Korea runner-up in 1989. However, she used to experience a hard time because of her appearance, which changed every time the actress returned with a new project.

Go Hyun-jung

On the broadcast, the panelist said, “I think this is a representative case with the biggest change before and after dieting”, adding “She’s a person who loves food. I remember her holding a glass of wine with one hand when doing an interview 10 years ago.”

Another panelist commented, “I heard she likes eating very much, especially Sujeonggwa (a Korean traditional cinnamon punch)”, adding “For your information, Go Hyun Jung’s dieting secret is walking. She loves walking so much that she walked along the Han River with her manager for two and a half hours every day. Her manager also lost weight.” Hearing that, Hong Hyun Hee nodded as she agreed with the effect of walking.

Go Hyun-jung

Showing his sympathy for celebrities, Oh Sang Jin said, “Compared to how we see them in real life, celebrities often look swollen on the broadcast screen. Since their job is to show their appearance, they must make so much effort to maintain bodies that are much thinner than how they should look in real life.”

A panelist added, “In fact, Go Hyun Jung was rather cool about articles that pointed out her appearance changes. At a press conference in 2015, she even criticized herself, saying ‘What I need to do for my drama comeback is to become more beautiful, but I think I’m not beautiful enough now’. I think that she’s the type who easily gets swollen regardless of her weight.”

Source: Nate

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