Current status of an actress, who cried because her drama’s rating was too low

A Korean actress once cried because her drama was too unpopular, but has since enjoyed extremely remarkable successes.

Actress Shin Ye Eun was called “Little Jun Ji Hyun” through the popular web drama “A-Teen” produced by Playlist and received a lot of love. Afterwards, she expanded her position as a next-generation trending star by appearing in the drama “He Is Psychometric”.

Shin Ye Eun

However, she later starred in JTBC’s drama “More Than Friends”, which achieved a poor rating of 1%. As Shin Ye Eun did her best, that was quite disappointing.

When appearing in Kakao TV’s 2020 entertainment show “Face ID”, Shin Ye Eun said she felt responsible as the leading actress for the 1% rating and burst into tears while talking about acting with her friend Moon Ga Young. Shin Ye Eun confessed that she felt a sense of responsibility for the first time in her life and expressed her will to work harder next time.

Shin Ye Eun

After that, she starred in Disney+’s drama “Revenge of Others” and showed a charismatic side that was hard to see before.

Later, She played young Park Yeon Jin in the series “The Glory“, which became another representative work of Netflix, and left a strong impression on viewers by showing the image of the best villain together with Lim Ji Yeon.

Shin Ye Eun, who emerged as an OTT goddess, chose “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”, which premiered on SBS on March 20th, for her return to the small screen. Through this work, she is expected to show a completely different appearance compared to “The Glory”.

shin ye eun

Currently, she has received an offer to appear in the webtoon-based drama “Jeong Nyeon”. Set in the 1950s, “Jeong Nyeon” is a period drama revolving around Yoon Jeong Nyeon, who has no money or education but a talent for singing. Kim Tae Ri was offered this role. Shin Ye Eun is known to have been offered the role of Heo Young Seo, the counterpart to the main character Yoon Jeong Nyeon, raising expectations for the combination of the two actors.

Source: Daum

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