BLACKPINK fans enraged as concert organizers throws banners for Lisa on the ground 

Fans were not happy with the decision to confiscate banners intended to celebrate Lisa’s birthday. 

On March 26th, BLACKPINK held their second “BORN PINK” concert night in Manila, the Philippines. This is also a special concert performance, seeing that it was near BLACKPINK Lisa’s birthday. Therefore, fans prepared cakes along with yellow-colored lightsticks to create a Yellow Ocean and birthday banners. 

However, international fans were not pleased when birthday banners prepared by the fans were confiscated and banned from being brought into the concert.  

Birthday banners were confiscated and thrown on the ground 

On Twitter, fans expressed their frustration regarding the fact that the banner was not allowed to be brought into the concert area. Below are some of their complaints. 


I hate to post this because it’s heart-breaking but others confirmed that it was mostly Lisa’s banners that were confiscated inside the stadium. Like why? What’s your personal vendetta against Lisa?”

Another post expressed confusion as to why banners for other members’ birthdays were allowed into the stadium while Lisa was an exception: 


“Concert organizers in other countries allowed birthday banners for 3 other members. Why can you not allow it since Lisa will also celebrate her birthday today on stage with a birthday cake like other members in their birthday celebration.” 

Under the post of “Live Nation PH” – the official Twitter account for the “BORN PINK” organizing committee in the Philippines, fans flooded the comment section with anger, saying it was “embarrassing” and “unnecessary” to confiscate the banners. 

After the news was confirmed, BLACKPINK fans, in general, and Lisa stans, in particular, were not happy with the conduct of the organizing committee in the Philippines. 

However, later, an announcement from the committee spoke of as to why the banners were confiscated were spread around: 

“To give you a heads up, the DAY 2 BANNERS (OT4 and Lisa Birthday Banner which is designed back to back) is REJECTED due to this reason: Day 2 banner cannot be approved for this fairness of all four artists. Anything with the artist’s face cannot be approved as it has the potential to be thrown away or stepped on and can be uncomfortable for the staff and the artists.” 

The announcement explaining why the banner for Lisa could not be brought into the stadium from the representative of the “BORN PINK” concert organizing committee in the Philippines 
A fan secretly brought the banner inside
Nonetheless, Lisa still held up the banner fans prepared to take photos with fans

Source: K14

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