(G)I-DLE’s “Queencard” achieves Perfect All-Kill, continuing previous successes 

Girl group (G)I-DLE has once again proven their influence and music by achieving Perfect All-Kill for “Queencard”.

At 8:30 AM (KST) on June 8th, (G)I-DLE’s latest title song, “Queencard” has achieved Perfect All-Kill by topping all Korean music platforms that are reflected on the iChart. 


With this achievement, (G)I-DLE has continued their back-to-back Perfect All-Kill streak, with consecutive hits of “TOMBOY”, “Nxde”, and “Queencard”, proving themselves as a representative 4th generation girl group. 


On the other hand, “Queencard”, which was released on May 15th, is the title song of (G)I-DLE’s latest album, “I Feel”. The title is based on the “Konglish” (Korean-English) original word “Queencard”, which combines “Queen” and “Card”, and refers to a popular female student at school. 

“Queencard” also carries the message of confidence, and the acceptance of one’s real self rather than focusing on outer appearances.

Source: LSB

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