GFRIEND Yu-ju revealed how Kang Daniel has stopped her from causing a serious accident

Yu-ju of GFRIEND revealed a story that happened in Kang Daniel’s agency, Konnect Entertainment.    

On the afternoon of Jan 18th, an online press conference was held to commemorate the release of Yu-ju‘s first solo album “REC.” and talked about various things related to the album. This album is Yu-ju’s first one in a year and two months since her last activity with GFRIEND and the first album she worked on at Konnect.

Yu-ju and Kang Daniel

On this day, Yu-ju said, “Konnect is a company with many competent employees in various fields such as music and quality control. In addition to the song, they also check my opinions in various fields,” she said.

Yu-ju and Kang Daniel

Yu-ju said she had received a message of support from Kang Daniel before her solo debut before revealing a dizzying episode between them. She said, “Last year, Kang Daniel was doing a livestreaming at the company, but I played the song so loudly in the practice room that the sound can be heard and my new song was almost leaked,” adding, “At that time, Kang Daniel responded quickly to prevent a major accident. I want to say thank you to him once again,” she said with gratitude.

Yu-ju’s first solo album “REC.” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on Jan 18th.


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