Yuju honestly confessed about GFRIEND’s friendship, “I’m still in contact with the members”

Yuju, who is now a solo singer, mentioned her old group GFRIEND.


On the afternoon of January 18th, Yuju held an online press conference to celebrate the release of her first solo album “REC.” and talked about various things.

Expressing her thoughts on debuting as a solo artist, Yuju said, “I experienced lots of new things while preparing for this first solo mini-album. It’s so new. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I’m also curious about how my participation in many parts of the album production will lead to what kind of reactions.”


Yuji debuted as the main vocalist of GFRIEND in 2015. The girl group has received huge love for numerous hit songs, such as “Glass Bead”, “Me gustas tu”, “Rough”, “Navillera”, and “Fever”. However, in May last year, all members of GFRIEND did not renew contracts with their agency, Source Music, and decided to go on their own path.

When asked, “Do you feel pressure to stand alone after leaving GFRIEND?”, Yuju confessed, “I think Yuju of GFRIEND and Yuju as a soloist are me in the same way. I don’t consider the two as separate identities”, adding, “The members have filled in my shortcomings, but now I had to do it by myself. Therefore, I felt quite burdened.”

She continued, “It was fun putting the emotions that I have never shown before in this song, and my fear also disappeared. I feel like I have taken off the fear of revealing myself”.


Although GFRIEND’s members have gone on different ways, GFRIEND’s friendship lasts forever. Yuju said, “The times I spent with the members were the times that made me who I am at the moment. I think those memories would never disappear. They are forever very precious people to me”, expressing her affection for the members.

When asked if she is still in touch with GFRIEND girls, Yuju said, “Of course, we’re still in contact. Even now, they always cheer for me enthusiastically. When the teaser was released, Sowon unnie said it would be the most-watched teaser in the world in a half-joking and half-sincere way. I feel so thankful for that.”

Yuju’s first solo album “REC.” will be released at 6 P.M today (January 18th).


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