Gary, who used to be a cast member of “Running Man”, left an unexpected comment about appearing on TV broadcasts

Gary, a former member of hip-hop duo Leessang, mentioned his appearance on TV shows.

Recently, Gary posted a photo of his family on Instagram along with the caption, “It feels like spring”. The released photo showed Gary sitting on a park bench with his wife and son. Both Gary and his wife wore light blue pants, showing off their unique couple look.

Kang Gary

A netizen who saw Gary’s post commented, “I want to see you more often on TV shows. What do you think about that?”. The male rapper replied, “I don’t really want to do so”.

Earlier, Gary married Kim Se-eun, a non-celebrity who is 10 years younger than him, and had a son. He also appeared on KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” and revealed his daily life.

Kang Gary

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