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Gabee “I gave up on being thin in the first place…I’m over 60kg, but I’m healthy”

Choreographer Gabee expressed sincere thoughts about herself.

On April 28th, a video titled “Please love your body first. How Lachica’s leader Gabee raises self-esteem” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “BBC News Korea”.

On this day, Gabee confessed, “I gave up on being ‘thin’ and having a long and slim body in the first place.” She shared her thoughts, “I’ve had a big butt since I was young. I was teased for having a ‘duck butt’. But it’s a beautiful thing to have a big butt now. If the standards of beauty change with time, it’s meaningless to follow them.

Gabee said confidently, “Obviously, I was born with something. Knowing that and taking care of it makes a beautiful body. I don’t have to be 48kg and 163cm. I’m over 60kg, but I’m healthy.

She added her own experience, “I have a lot of muscles. I have some fat, but I have elasticity. I’m a healthy person. A healthy body is a beautiful body, right? If I don’t think positively about my body, thoughts such as ‘This part needs to be thicker’ won’t leave my mind. I was once like that.

Gabee said, “Instead of thinking ‘I hate my body and I want to change it’, you should give love to your body. If you hate your body, you have no choice but to hate it until the end.

She revealed the secret to self-esteem, “My dance is sexual. It was satisfying to dance while showing off myself. I was full of confidence in myself when I danced. My students often say, ‘Teacher, my self-esteem increases when I take your class.’ I provided a lot of classes to get the feeling of ‘I’m really cool’. It’s a dance for myself.

Gabee said she did not compare herself to anyone else. She added, “I want to become a person who gives everyone strength.

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