Ahn Eun Jin reacts to the comment that viewers still remember her as “Hospital Playlist” Chu Min Ha

Actress Ahn Eun Jin is arousing attention with her new character transformation as Lee Mi Joo in “The Good Bad Mother”.

Actress Ahn Eun Jin satisfied viewers with her performance in JTBC’s new Wed-Thu drama “The Good Bad Mother” as a strong girl who confidently stands up to power abuse.

Ahn Eun Jin Hospital Playlist Chu Min Ha

“The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming comedy about a mother named Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who becomes a bad mom for the sake of her child, and her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun), a cold-hearted prosecutor who suddenly becomes a child again, restoring their mother-son relationship.

Ahn Eun Jin played the role of Lee Mi Joo, a nail artist and Kang Ho’s ex-lover. The first episode of “The Good Bad Mother” shows Lee Mi Joo showing her support for Kang Ho’s studies during their high school days.

Hospital Playlist Chu Min Ha

However, Kang Ho did not take the CSAT college test after witnessing Mi Joo’s motorcycle accident on the exam day. This made Mi Joo feel sorry rather than grateful.

After time passed, Mi Joo became a nail artist and did a pedicure for ballerina Oh Ha Young. However, Ha Young kicked Mi Joo because Mi Joo unexpectedly hurt her foot.

Ahn Eun Jin Badmother Chu Min Ha

Mi Joo had to kneel down and apologize. Surrounded by so many people, Ha Young tried to escape. At that time, Mi Joo stopped Ha Young, saying “It’s your turn now. I want you to apologize for kicking me. If your nails are sensitive then you shouldn’t get a pedicure.”

As Ha Young did not apologize, Mi Joo then turned around and threatened Ha Young by throwing a kick in front of her face.

Ahn Eun Jin Badmother Chu Min Ha

At the press conference for “The Good Bad Mother”, Ahn Eun Jin explained, “The synchronization rate between Lee Mi Joo and me is about 80%. I think our common thing is that we are always positive even when facing difficult situations.”

In this regard, Ra Mi Ran commented, “I think it should be 120%. The synchronization rate should be more than 100%. She’s very bright, positive, and energetic.”

Regarding the fact that many viewers still remember her as Chu Min Ha in “Hospital Playlist”, Ahn Eun Jin said, “I think I couldn’t have created a better image. I was able to reach people’s hearts with such a bright and healthy character.”

Hospital Playlist Chu Min Ha

She added, “If I can hear people say ‘Oh, she’s good at this too?’ when I play a different character, that’s also a win for me”, showing her positive attitude.

Source: Daum

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