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G-Dragon’s brother-in-law Kim Min Joon, “I met my wife for the first time on the street. She drove a white sports car and looked very tough”

Actor Kim Min Joon talked about his first meeting with his wife.

The June 20th broadcast of SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” featured actor Kim Min Joon and comedian Heo Kyung Hwan as guests.

Kim Min Joon has been married for 5 years. When Lee Sang Min asked, “Did you meet your wife on a blind date?”, Kim Min Joon surprised everyone as he replied, “We actually met each other by chance before our blind date”.

G-Dragon’s brother-in-law Kim Min Joon

Regarding his first impression of his wife, Kim Min Joon said, “I rode a bike to a close friend’s house. When I got off the bike and was holding my helmet, a white sports car suddenly came at high speed and stopped right in front of me. I wondered, ‘What’s going on?’. When I looked closer, there was a woman sitting inside the car. She looked very tough and cool.”

Hearing that, Tak Jae Hoon exclaimed, “That’s destiny!”. Im Won Hee questioned, “Why did she suddenly stop there?”. Kim Min Joon explained, “My close friend’s house happened to be next to the house of my wife’s close friend. My wife was coming out of her friend’s house, while I was parking my bike and walking.”

Afterwards, Kim Min Joon revealed that he was introduced to his wife by an acquaintance, and their relationship progressed smoothly from dating to marriage. He added, “On our second and third dates, she gave me some side dishes. She made dried squid by herself, and after trying it, I thought I could eat it for my whole life”, expressing affection for his wife.

Source: Daum

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