G-Dragon sent sneakers and various gifts to “this” celebrity colleague

TV personality Jo Se Ho has published “proof” that he has received a gift from BIGBANG member and fashion icon G-Dragon.

On April 5th, Jo Se Ho posted on his Instagram photos of sneakers and clothes given to him by G-Dragon. He also expressed his gratitude by adding the caption, “It’s a great pleasure….These looks so cool… I’m very grateful”.


At the same time, Jo Se Ho’s photos feature a pair of sneakers named “PEACEMINUSONE X Nike Kwondo 1 Black & White”, which is from the second series of “Kwondo” sneakers, a collaboration between G-Dragon’s fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE and the global sports brand Nike.

In addition to the sneakers, there was also a uniform belt engraved with Jo Se Ho’s name and a piece of clothing bearing the ”PEACEMINUSONE” logo, which had a daisy flower with one petal missing. 

Upon seeing this, former actress Lee Hye Young, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa, model Joo Woo Jae, and idol-actress Seolhyun showed their interest by liking the post.

G-Dragon, who gifted the sneakers to Jo Se Ho, also responded with a “like” to this thank-you message.


On the other hand, G-Dragon has been known for gifting limited edition sneakers to his family and close friends. In 2021, he gifted Jo Se Ho with the limited edition “Kwondo 1” sneakers from his third collaboration with Nike.

The “Kwondo 1” sneakers were gifted to only 111 people, including actor Jung Woo Sung and Jo Se Ho. The retail price of the sneakers was 219,000 won, but the resale price soared to as high as 32 million won.

In 2021, Jung Woo Sung thanked G-Dragon for the “Kwondo 1” sneakers by posting a photo with the message, “Thanks GD! I’ll wear them well, Ji-yong-ssi.” (Ji Yong here refers to G-Dragon’s real name, Kwon Ji Yong).

Source: wikitree

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