Funny reactions of Running Man stars when watching aespa’s Next Level stage

aespa’s performance at the SBS Entertainment Awards received enthusiastic cheers from the participating actors.

The SBS Entertainment Awards 2021 took place on the evening of December 18 in Seoul (Korea). This year, the idol group in charge of performing at the show is aespa. This is a great honor for this girl group because they have only debuted last year.

aespa performed at Entertainment Awards 2021

To choose the most viral Kpop song in 2021, surely many viewers would vote for Next Level – the hit song of the SM girl group.  At the SBS Entertainment Awards 2021, aespa performed Next Level in front of famous actors of the Korean entertainment industry.

Running Man aespa's Next Level

More specifically, the theme of the SBS Entertainment Awards 2021 is also inspired by the name of aespa’s song “Next Level”.  This song immediately received an enthusiastic response from the participating artists.

Running Man aespa's Next Level

When aespa performed the super viral “ㄷ dance” of Next Level, artists like Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Jeon So Min… also tried this dance move.  The moment the Running Man stars reacted to aespa was immediately shared widely on social networks.  In particular, the fact that the artists had to wear masks with their smiles printed on them made this situation even more humorous.

Running Man aespa's Next Level
HaHa and Jeon So Min follow aespa’s “ㄷ” dance
aespa running man 19122021 2
Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook also enthusiastically tried to do this choreography
Running Man aespa's Next Level
Artists enjoy the stage of aespa
Running Man aespa's Next Level

Some netizens’ comments:

  • U50 actors also know about this dance. Next Level is really viral
  • SBS took the title of aespa’s song as the theme, choosing the group as the opening performer.  The influence of aespa is increasing day by day.
  • Without a doubt, Next Level is the most popular song this year!
  • aespa is just a rookie, they just received the Best Rookie award a few days ago yet their impact is already so great.
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