SBS Entertainment Award is being criticized: “Should have given the award to only one, even the winners are shocked”

It has been a long time since the power of the terrestrial year-end awards stooped so low, and it is only the first entertainment award ceremony of 2021.

At the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards held on Dec 18th, the “My Little Old Boy” team won the grand prize. The “Producer Award” was given to Lee Seung-gi (“Master in the House” and Team Up 072”, and the “Honorary Employee Award” was given to Ji Seok-jin (“Running Man”).

2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

The “Top Exellence in Programming” awards were given to “Kick A Goal” and “Running Man,” while Park Sun-young (“Kick A Goal”), Yang Se-chan (“Running Man”), and Tak Jae-hoon (“My Little Old Boy”, “Dolsing Fourmen”) won the “Top Excellence Entertainer” awards.

The most remarkable scene at the awards ceremony was the shocked expression of the winners on stage after the grand prizes’ winners were announced. The winners could not show their joy to the fullest, all agreed that, “I thought Lee Sang-min would receive it”. Veteran Shin Dong-yeop said, “I know what the viewers, who have been watching us, really think. I’d like to apologize. You must have thought we should have just given the Grand Prize to one winner only,” he said to try dealing with the situation.

2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

The indecisive SBS maintained its position of “Let’s share everything” throughout the awards ceremony. Five people were called for the “Rookie of the Year” award, overshadowing the original meaning of a meaningful award you can receive only once in your life, and a “Director’s Choice Award” that have never been heard of at an entertainment awards ceremony has appeared so that they can take care of this year’s biggest hit, “Kick A Goal”.

2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

While people of the whole nation were still suffering from difficulties due to the pandemic spread, entertainers who have been struggling to bring laughter to audiences throughout this whole year deserved a big round of applause. However, SBS’s choice, which dropped its authority by releasing the trophy, made even the applause that should be directed at them lose its way.

Winners at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

▲ Daesang: My Little Old Boy team

▲ Honorary Employee Award: Ji Seok-jin (Running Man)

▲ Producer Award: Lee Seung-gi (Master in the House, Loud)

▲ Top Excellence Award: Park Sun-yeong (Kick A Goal), Yang Se-chan (Running Man), Tak Jae-hoon (My Little Old Boy, Dolsing Fourmen)

▲ Top Excellent Program Award: Running Man, Kick A Goal

▲ Excellence Award: Im Won-hee (My Little Old Boy, Dolsing Fourmen), Kim Joon-ho ( My Little Old Boy, Dolsing Fourmen), Kick A Goal S1 cast, Lee Ji-hye (Same Bed, Different Dreams 2)

▲ Excellent Program Award: Archive K, Loud, Dolsing Fourmen

▲ Special Award: Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant

▲ Best Couple Award: Lee Soo-geun X Bae Seung-jae (Kick A Goal)

▲ Best Teamwork Award: Master in the House team

▲ Best Family Award: Same Bed, Different Dreams 2

▲ Next Level Award: Jang Do-yeon (I Need a Warm-up, The Story of the Day When One Bites One’s Tail)

▲ Director Award: Kick A Goal S1 directors

▲ Entertainer of the Year Award: Shin Dong-yup, Taek Jae-hoon, Lee Sang-min, Lee Kyung-kyu, Lee Seung-gi, Park Sun-yeong, Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Seok-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Kim Gu-ra, Seo Jang-hoon, Yang Se-hyung

▲ Scriptwriter Award: Jang Jung-hee (Kick A Goal), Yang Hyo-im (Running Man), Kim Yoon-hee (Kim Young-chul’s Power FM), Hwang Chae-young (Unanswered Questions)

▲ Radio DJ Award: Lee Sook-young (Lee Sook-young Love FM), Boom (Boom Boom Power)

▲ Rookie Award: Lee Seung-yup (Team Up 072), Keum Sae-rok (Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant), Park Gun (My Little Old Boy, Law of Jungle), Lee Hyun-ri (Same Bed Different Dreams 2, Kick A Goal), Park Ha-sun (Park Ha-sun’s Cine Town)


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