From Jung Hae In to Son Heung Min, four rumored relationships of BLACKPINK Jisoo before Ahn Bo Hyun 

BLACKPINK Jisoo was embroiled in dating rumors with these four male stars before she went public with Ahn Bo Hyun.  

On August 3, YG Entertainment officially announced that BLACKPINK Jisoo is dating Ahn Bo Hyun, an actor known for his roles in “Itaewon Class” and “Descendants of the Sun.” The news sent netizens into a frenzy. Fans sent their most sincere congratulations to the couple.

At the same time, netizens are looking back at Jisoo’s past rumored relationships with other male stars, namely Jung Hae In, BTS V, EXO Suho, and Son Heung Min. 

Jung Hae In 

Jung Hae In was embroiled in dating rumors with Jisoo following their collaboration on “Snowdrop.” Their chemistry on- and off-screen led many audiences to believe they might be a couple in real life. 

jisoo blackpink jung hae in

In the past, netizens also spotted many coincidences too good to be accidental. Nevertheless, neither star spoke up to address the news.

jisoo blackpink jung hae in
Jisoo and Jung Hae In shared great chemistry in the behind-the-scenes footage of “Snowdrop” 
Both attended Dior events 
jisoo blackpink jung hae in dp2
The male actor came to a BLACKPINK concert once. Jisoo also came to the set of “D.P. Season 2” to support Jung Hae In 
jisoo blackpink jung hae in
At the VIP Premier for “Smugglers,” netizens suspected the two to have arrived at their destination on the same vehicle

Recently, Jung Hae In revealed his reaction to Jisoo’s dating news: “I also saw it through the entertainment news section of a web portal before this interview,” adding, “I hope the two of them will continue their healthy and beautiful relationship. I didn’t know they were dating.” 


In the past, Jisoo was embroiled in dating rumors with BTS V in 2019. Fans spotted similar items the two idols wore and were convinced their interactions captured on camera were more than friendship. At that time, neither V’s side nor Jisoo’s side publicly addressed the rumors.

bts v jisoo
bts v jisoo blackpink
Fans gathered evidence of a potential relationship between BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo
bts v jisoo blackpink
Fans noticed similar poses they did on camera
bts v jisoo
Jisoo and V had sweet interactions as co-hosts 

Neither star spoke up about the dating allegations

bts v jennie blackpink
Currently, V is embroiled in dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie 

EXO Suho

In the same year, in 2019, Jisoo was wrapped up in another dating rumor with EXO Suho. Netizens were buzzing on Pann when they allegedly found evidence of the two idols going on a date in France. They also found the Lovestagram reportedly used by Jisoo and Suho. Nonetheless, the two sides remained silent in the face of ongoing rumors at the time. 

suho jisoo
Evidence gathered by fans on Jisoo and Suho’s Instagram 
suho jisoo
Netizens noticed they both checked in France 
suho jisoo
They were also spotted with similar accessories 
suho jisoo
A fan caught Suho looking at Jisoo at a year-end music festival 
suho jisoo
The two sides remained silent in the face of dating rumors 

Son Heung Min 

Also in 2019, Jisoo was suspected to be in a relationship with Son Heung Min. It started when the “FLOWER” singer attended a football match that Son Heung Min’s team participated in. On October 2021, rumors circulated that the couple wore matching bracelets, secretly met in France, and went back to Korea on the same flight.

Nonetheless, YG denied the rumors this time, stating, “We clearly state that all the dating rumors related to BLACKPINK Jisoo are groundless and not true. As the rumors are spreading even overseas, we have become concerned that the artist may suffer damages due to the situation. So we would like to correct the misinformation.”

jisoo son heung min
Jisoo went to a football match in which Son Heung Min participated in 2019 
jisoo son heung min
They were said to wear couple bracelets 
jisoo son heung min
Rumor has it that Jisoo and Song Heung Min returned to Korea on the same flight 
jisoo son heung min
YG spoke up this time to deny the rumors 

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