From CNBLUE to “Celebrity”, Kang Min Hyuk proves stellar quality no matter a stage 

Kang Min Hyuk is creating a sensation after appearing on “Celebrity.” 

Celebrity” is causing a sensation after its official premiere. The series is an attempt to break into the world of the famous and sheds light on the hidden secrets of the influencers with millions of followers on social media. Han Jun Kyung by Kang Min Hyuk is whipping up a new sensation, bringing 25 million views in just one day. The actor behind Han Jun Kyunng is drawing attention.

Kang Min Hyuk is causing a stir with his character in “Celebrity” 

A top-tier drummer with an on-screen fluffy romance love with Krystal Jung 

Before becoming an actor, Kang Min Hyuk is a drummer of the second-generation pop-rock band CNBLUE. The band was formed in 2009 and kicked off their music  career in Japan with the first mini-album “Now or Never.” In 2010, CNBLUE generated a pan-Asian sensation with the hit song “I’m a Loner,” charting well on Korea’s digital charts. Currently, CNBLUE is reaching their 14th year of activity with 3 members after Lee Jong Hyun left due to a scandal in 2019. Apart from F.T.Island of the same company, CNBLUE is a rare group pursuing a band formation that gains an idol level of popularity in Korea. 

Famous songs by CNBLUE: “I’m a Loner”, “Cinderella,” “Can’t Stop” 

Kang Min Hyuk is passionate about music since he was a child. He can play the piano, flute, and other musical instruments. He also loves classical music and idolizes Maroon 5 – the reason he joined CNBLUE as a drummer. Boasting a radiant visual along with multiple talents, the drummer rarely has a chance to shine during the years with CNBLUE. Most of the spotlight is reserved for the main vocalist Jung Yong Hwa – who flaunts an impressive idol filmography from 2009 to 2012. 

CNBLUE is reaching their 14th year as a band; they are promoting with 3 members after Lee Jong Hyuk left for the 2019 scandal

In 2013, Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal play Yoon Han Young and Lee Bo Na in “The Heirs”. The pair boasts a high school romance onscreen. After that, CNBLUE has few breakthroughs in their music activities, and the drummer himself did not obtain any remarkable roles. After 10 years, he finally made a striking return with “Celebrity.” 

kang min hyuk krystal
Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal Jung in “The Heirs” 

Overflowing “killing” charm as a drummer onstage 

In love with Han Jun Kyung, netizens are searching far and wide for Kang Min Hyuk’s moments onstage. Clips of the drummer are sending the Internet into a frenzy. 

A talked-about clip of Kang Min Hyuk playing drums

Kang Min Hyuk garnered major attention from non-fans thanks to his absolute immersion in the music, his elevated aura, and heightened visuals after more than a decade of working in the music field. 

Source: K14 

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