From 6th place in round 1 to runner-up, from perfect narrative to skills, LOONA slayed every stage of “Queendom 2”

Through “Queendom 2”, LOONA showed off their unlimited potential with outstanding skills that match the title of “performance master”.

In the last episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which was broadcast live on June 2nd, LOONA first unveiled the stage of the new song “POSE” as their final performance. In the pre-voted comeback single digital and video score rankings revealed during the finale, LOONA ranked first in both categories, proving their solid global fandom.

For the performance of ‘POSE’, LOONA turned the table upside down by transforming into a bad girl concept. The members perfectly pulled off hip styling, and captured viewers’ attention right from the powerful intro. 

Queendom 2

Throughout the show, LOONA presented intense performances with a variety of concepts. In the finale, their performance stood out with a choreography that can reveal the charms of each of the 12 members. Notably, in the dance break, which is the highlight of the stage, all members wore black caps and showed off their unique, sharp, synchronized group dance and unrivaled energy. LOONA totally lived up to the title of “performance master”.

Queendom 2

‘POSE’ is a catchy song with kitschy rap and vocals of LOONA on top of the conceptual beat and addictive baseline. LOONA’s reverse charm and transformation into a fierce “bad girl” image, which was never shown before, was more than enough to capture the hearts of global fans.


In the finale, Heejin also represented LOONA to participate in the special stage ‘Epilogue’ with each member of the six teams. She boasted a harmonious, attractive vocal tone and stable singing skills, giving a deep resonance.

Finishing their journey on “Queendom 2” in 2nd place, LOONA said in their speech, “It’s a great honor to climb from 5th to 2nd place. There were many difficult moments, but we ended up being the runner-up, so we know that our hard work wasn’t for nothing. We will continue to show you better performances, so please pay a lot of attention to our future.”


Due to health reasons, in the 1st round of “Queendom 2”, LOONA could not perform and took 6th place, the lowest rank, with zero points. However, in the 2nd round, with the performance of SISTAR’s ‘Shake it’, LOONA proudly took second place, showing off their strong presence. In the 3rd round, the dance unit with LOONA took 1st place in the unit mission in part 1, and the whole group ranked 3rd place in the group stage in part 2, maintaining their top spot in every round.

As such, LOONA has successfully won the hearts of worldwide fans by showing steady growth in every stage of the competition with their solid skills. After finishing second in “Queendom 2”, LOONA will speed up preparations for their next comeback. 

Source: Daum

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