Former EXO Kris Wu’s C-Drama Scenes Removed and Re-filmed After Controversy

Former EXO member Kris was edited out of his drama due to scandal.

On May 10th, Taiwanese media outlet ETtoday reported that the drama “The Journey of Flower,” which was temporarily suspended due to Kris Wu’s controversy, will be re-filmed.


The production team of “The Journey of Flower” reportedly found another actor to replace Kris Wu. The drama is currently being secretly filmed. Some scenes have been deleted, and the drama, which was originally planned to have 60 episodes, will now have only 40.

Earlier, Kris Wu was arrested on charges of providing alcohol to minors and sexually assaulting them in 2020, using events such as auditions and fan meetings as a pretext.

In November of last year, the Chinese court sentenced Kris Wu to 13 years in prison and deportation from China after completing his sentence. In addition, the tax authorities imposed a fine of 600 million yuan (approximately 111.5 billion won) on Kris Wu.

Source: Daum

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