Dispatch spooked the life out of Haha and Jeon So Min on “Running Man”? 

An interaction of “Running Man” stars Haha and Jeon So Min with a Dispatch employee has gone viral on SNS. 

With an impressive ability to scoop news, Dispatch continuously exposes dating celebrities and uncovers dark sides of the Korean entertainment industry. Hence, this renowned Korean news outlet has long become a “trauma” for Kbiz artists. As a result, when encountered the notorious media, Haha and Jeon So Min of “Running Man” were completely spooked. 

haha jeon so min
Haha and Jeon So Min were on the same team for the latest episode of “Running Man”
Haha even said that they might get unlucky since they were walking nearby the Dispatch building 

In particular, on the morning of May 10th, a clip from the latest episode of “Running Man” went viral on social media. In the widely shared video, Haha and Jeon So Min are carrying out a mission from the show. When the two artists entered the street where Dispatch’s headquarters is located, Haha constantly showed signs of unease. Meanwhile, Jeon So Min couldn’t hide her worry about the “infamous” news outlet. She even repeatedly referred to the street with the Dispatch building as a “dangerous zone”.

Hearing this, Jeon So Min also looked concerned.

Meanwhile, to carry out his given mission, Haha had to make conversation with a few passer-bys, only for them to be employees of Dispatch. Hearing this, Haha couldn’t hide his shock, and apologized profusely to the employees for accidentally interrupting their meal. Jeon So Min was no less startled, and the two promptly retreated from the scene. 

However, Haha ended up meeting several Dispatch employees and apologized profusely for accidentally disrupting their meals

The two’s reactions upon meeting Dispatch employees have gone viral 

Haha and Jeon So Min quickly left the scene after this and did not dare to look back.

Source: k14

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