Foreigners Ran Away Without Knowing They Were About To Watch BTS V’s Live Performance

BTS’s V was abandoned by foreign audiences while trying to perform a guerilla show

On September 21st, a video titled “V’s 20 second LIVE @ Gangneung” was uploaded on BTS’s official Youtube channel “BANGTANTV”.

This is a guerilla event prepared by V. The male idol planned to wear a doll mask then go down the street to invite several audiences to enjoy his live performance before revealing his identity to them.

The live show was performed at a jazz bar and visitors could only listen to the performance for 20 seconds. 


Various people, including students and couples, actually visited the jazz bar. In particular, “unexpected” reactions of foreign visitors drew attention in online communities.

Two foreign tourists entered the jazz bar after hearing the staff’s explanation that “it’s a live show where you can hear a singer sing live”.


However, there were no other customers in the dark jazz bar except for the two. As both of them became anxious and scared because of the dark and quiet atmosphere inside the jazz bar, one suddenly asked, “Why is there no one here?”. The other replied, “Should we just give up and go?”, then the two ran away from the jazz bar.

The staff tried to explain to them that the singer was BTS’s V but the two foreign visitors had already run far away.


Hiding behind the curtain, V was very surprised when he heard the news that his audience had run away.

Netizens who watched the video also commented, “If I were them, I would also feel so scared and run away”, “They’re going to regret running away after watching this video later”, “Isn’t the atmosphere in the jazz bar too scary?”, “V’s real reaction is so funny”, etc.

Source: Insight

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