Following Kim Woo-bin, Han Ji-min showed her support for the movie “Your Face”, “You will be comforted and have a healing moment”

Following Kim Woo-bin’s, “Your Face” released a cheering video containing congratulatory messages from Yang Hee-eun and Han Ji-min on its release.

The movie “Your Face” is drawing attention after releasing a cheering video featuring singer Yang Hee-eun and actress Han Ji-min. “Your Face” is a documentary that vividly depicts the process of Eun-hye, a person with developmental disability, becoming a popular seller at Munho River Market and growing into a true artist.

First, singer Yang Hee-eun sent a congratulatory message to the movie “Your Face.” Yang Hee-eun, who was immersed in the film’s lingering aftertaste, said, “It was very touching.” Yang Hee-eun then mentioned actress Yang Hee-kyung, who appeared with Eun-hye on tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues,” saying, “I don’t know about Eun-hye as much as my younger sister (Yang Hee-kyung) does, but I heard how she said ‘Eun-hye drew me’ very proudly these days.”

Yang Hee-eun

Yang Hee-eun, after watching Jung Eun-hye’s artist journey over the past three years through the movie, praised Eun-hye, saying, “The more I see her, the more she is like a genius.” Yang Hee-eun praised Eun-hye, who went to Munho River Market every day for three years, and her love for painting, saying, “It’s a good documentary. Fighting, ‘Your Face!’”

Han Ji-min, who recently showed her passionate promotional activities and established herself as an enthusiastic public relations staff of “Your Face,” also released a video containing her message of support. Han Ji-min said, “It’s a movie about the life of painter Jung Eun-hye, who draws caricatures,” said, “I smiled a lot throughout the movie, my lips couildn’t stop smiling. I felt like Eun-hye’s courage and challenge were giving hope not only to other disabled people but also to all of us,” adding, “I believe that if you see our innocent and pure Eun-hye, you will be comforted and have a healing time. Those who want to receive positive energy, and those who want to warm up their hearts, please watch the movie “Your Face,” encouraging people to watch the movie.

Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min, who made a surprise appearance at the premiere of the movie “Your Face” on Jun 20th and showed her affection for the movie and Eun-hye, is showing her special loyalty by promoting the movie “Your Face” on her personal SNS. The friendship between Eun-hye and Han Ji-min, which has become stronger since the end of “Our Blues”, is creating a warm atmosphere in fans’ hearts.

Meanwhile, the movie “Your Face” is showing in theaters nationwide.

Han Ji-min

Source: Daum

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