“Flower” dancer about BLACKPINK Jisoo, “Even haters would acknowledge her talents”

Dancer in Jisoo’s solo song, “Flower”, mentioned how Jisoo is a crucial member and the “equilibrium” of girl group BLACKPINK.

On March 27th, a video featuring Wil Han, a dancer who participated in Jisoo’s new song, “Flower” and in the BLACKPINK world tour, “BORN PINK”, was published. In the video, the dancer commented on Jisoo’s solo debut album, “ME”, and could not hold back his praise for the female idol. 

In particular, the dancer said, “Ever since her debut, Jisoo has been working so hard. I just hope everybody will know that she’s trying her best to become even more skillful… There is a reason that she is a member of BLACKPINK.”

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“Without Jisoo, BLACKPINK wouldn’t be perfect. If you look at Jisoo’s first solo on the 31st, even all the haters would acknowledge her talent”, he also added. 

The dancer also described the preparation process for Flowers, saying, “As soon as we return on Monday, by Thursday, the MV has already been shot. But she is still practicing everyday, to show people a better version of herself.”

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“Riding the plane for long hours after the concert is already exhausting,” the dancer also shared, adding, “Making a solo album as soon as she comes back to Korea, she really trains hard for it.”

Additionally, the dancer also said that Jisoo is an essential member of BLACKPINK, who jokes around a lot and acts as the “equilibrium” and never fails to work hard. 

On the other hand, Jisoo’s 1st single album, “ME”, which consists of two tracks, “Flower” and “All Eyes On Me”, will be released on March 31st, 2023. 

Source: BLACKPINK Global Fanbase

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