Fencing athlete Kim Jun-ho’s cameo appearance in “Twenty-five Twenty one” made Nam Joo-hyuk jealous

Fencer Kim Jun-ho appeared as a cameo in “Twenty-five Twenty-one” and stimulated Nam Joo-hyuk’s jealousy.

Fencer Kim Jun-ho made a special appearance in the 13th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty one”, which aired on March 26th.

Twenty five twenty one

In the broadcast, fencer Kim Jun-ho appeared as a senior of Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri). Na Hee-do called Kim Jun-ho “Jun-ho oppa”, and Baek Yi-jin, who accidentally witnessed the scene while doing a field report, showed jealousy, saying, “Oppa?”.

As the friendly conversation between Kim Jun-ho and Na Hee-do continued, Baek Yi-jin said to himself, “I’m just ‘Baek Yi-jin’, but he’s ‘oppa’?”. Kim Jun-ho asked Na Hee-do, “You’re 20 now, right? Let’s grab a drink later”. Baek Yi-jin, who had been spinning the big umbrella for a while, exploded with jealousy, “He’s too into him that she forgot her gloves. ‘Wait for me’? Whatever”.

Twenty five twenty one

In the end, Baek Yi-jin left a note on Na Hee-do’s gloves, reminding her “Drinking excessively with boys is bad for your health” with a jealous tone. Na Hee-do later saw Baek Yi-jin’s note and wondered, “Is he jealous? He’s so annoying. But why is he so adorable? I’m so annoyed!”. Na Hee-do fell more deeply in love with Baek Yi-jin.

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