Female celebrity who fooled everyone with her unique fashion sense.

It is impossible to recognize this female star because of what she’s wearing. 

Actress Go Eun Ah posted a photo of her on her Instagram story on November 29th with the caption, “You don’t know it’s me right?”

Go Eun-ah

In the photo, Go Eun Ah made netizens laugh as she was wearing a bucket hat, vest, and shoes with colorful flower patterns that elderly women would wear. She was also wearing a mask so she looks unrecognizable. 

Each fashion item is engraved with floral patterns in various colors such as yellow, red, and pink, catching the eye.

Go Eun-ah

However, as if she was conscious of the cold weather, she also wore a long black padding jacket.

Meanwhile, Go Eun Ah recently appeared in tvN STORY and ENA’s ‘Queen of Wrestling’ and showed off her entertainment charm.

Source: Wikitree.

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