Actress who married a bus driver 9 years older than her… Deliver good news

Japanese model-actress Yua Shinkawa, who fell in love with a bus driver 9 years older than her and made a surprise marriage announcement, delivered her happy current situation.

On Nov 17th (local time), Yua Shinkawa announced her pregnancy through her official SNS, receiving congratulations from fans.

On this day, Yua Shinkawa revealed her pregnancy, “Thank you for always supporting Yua Shinkawa. I would like to announce that I am pregnant with my first child.

Yua Shinkawa

She is reportedly expecting her baby in spring next year.

Aside from announcing her pregnancy, Yua Shinkawa expressed her affection for fans, “I would appreciate it if you continue to show me your warm support.

Shinkawa Yua

Yua Shinkawa’s agency said, “We sincerely thank you for your understanding. We would appreciate it if you continue to keep an eye on us.

Yua Shinkawa, who was born in 1993 and is 30 years old this year, debuted in 2007 as an exclusive model in the “Seventeen” magazine.

Shinkawa Yua

Afterwards, Yua Shinkawa appeared in a number of works, including dramas “Villain: Perpetrator Chase Investigation”, “Detective Yuri Rintaro” and “The Grand Family”.

Yua Shinkawa also solidified her position as an actress by appearing in films such as “What Happened to Our Nest Egg!?” and “My Teacher, My Love”. In particular, the movie “My Teacher, My Love” was very popular in Korea.

In 2019, model-actress Yua Shinkawa surprised everyone by announcing her marriage to a bus driver of the filming team whom she had often encountered on set since she was a teenager.

Shinkawa Yua

The two developed into lovers in 2016 with Yua Shinkawa’s confession. Her husband is 9 years older than her. There is a considerable age difference between them, so fans could not hide their bewilderment back then.

At that time, Yua Shinkawa expressed her affection at a press conference, “I’ve known him since I was a teenager. He’s a location bus driver and has a good attitude towards people around him. He’s a warm person with positive energy.

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