Fans’ mixed reactions to “Bubble ban after Itaewon disaster”… “I understand vs I’m frustrated”

Korean people’s sadness continues even now, the 6th day of the Itaewon disaster.

The government designated a national mourning period from Oct 30th to Nov 5th. Accordingly, many events and concerts were delayed or canceled.

Idol group Seventeen attended the 9th E-Daily Culture Awards held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Nov 2nd, but did not perform.

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This was to express condolences for the Itaewon disaster, but fans who bought tickets to see Seventeen’s performance also showed their disappointment.

In addition, idol singers have refrained from the platform “Bubble” since the Itaewon disaster.

After idol members did not show up for several days, fans all agreed that a “Bubble ban” was imposed.

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The paid fandom communication platform Bubble provides a service that allows fans to chat with their favorite artists by paying 4,900 won per month.

Currently, a number of agencies, including SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, have signed contracts with Bubble.

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Accordingly, many artists such as NCT, Stray Kids, NMIXX, aespa and Jeon So-mi are participating. Recently, aside from idols, actor communities have been opened on Bubble.

The situation is the same with Universe, another paid communication platform.

On Universe, since artists can read fans’ messages and press “hearts“, VIVIZ Umji is communicating through “hearts” instead of sending messages to fans.

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On online communities, some fans showed reactions such as “Originally (artists) sent us messages every day, but they haven’t appeared since the disaster”, “I’m frustrated because I want to communicate with artists”…

On the other hand, some suggested opinions such as “They may be reading the messages we sent them right now”, “It’s dangerous to say ‘Have a good day’ these days” and “It’s better not to appear, or else they’ll be criticized.”

Meanwhile, many stars expressed their deep condolences for the Itaewon disaster in various ways.

On Nov 2nd, actor Jung Woo-sung shared Kim Eui-gon’s poem “I’m sorry, don’t forgive me” through his Instagram.

Actress Lee Young-ae also expressed her desire to support after hearing the story of a foreigner who was unable to return to her home country due to lack of body transportation cost.

Im Soo Hyang

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon revealed that one of his close brothers passed away in the Itaewon disaster, and left a long message of condolence after visiting the funeral hall.

Actress Im Soo-hyang also visited the funeral of the late Lee Ji-han, who was filming a drama with her.

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