Fans Complain About Rowoon’s Unit Stage With SF9 Member At FNC Concert Despite Leaving The Group

Rowoon performed with a member of his former group at FNC concert

FNC Entertainment recently held FNC concert ‘Kingdom’ and gathered all FNC artists together to perform. At the event, Rowoon was seen performing a unit stage with an SF9 member. 

Although this song was already performed at ‘FNC Kingdom’ 4 years ago, fans were still taken aback by the fact that the company let Rowoon stand on the same stage with SF9 even after he left the group. 


This awkward situation happened because Rowoon only withdrew from SF9 and is still active as an actor under FNC. 

After the concert, fans poured complaints on SNS, criticizing the company for crossing the line as they maintained a connection between a group and a former member.

Regarding this issue, netizens in theqoo reacted, “It’s obviously the agency’s fault”, “Why did they have to do this to prove that they are still on good terms even after his withdrawal?”, “Even if they’re still close to each other after he left the group, it’s weird to have them perform together”, “I understand why SF9 fans hate this, but as a person who likes Rowoon, I was glad to see him sing… But I guess he should have a solo stage”, “I think fans really hate to see the group perform with a former member”, FNS has no sense at all”, etc.

Source: theqoo

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