Psy on “Radio Star”, “Casting Song Joong-ki and Lee Byung-hun in music videos? I spent 2 weeks just for greeting…”

Singer Psy revealed the behind story of casting actors Song Joong-ki and Lee Byung-hun to appear in music videos.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, which aired on the evening of May 5th, was prepared with the “People of Performances” Special featuring singers Psy, Sung Si-kyung, Jeon So-yeon, and Lee Seung-yoon.

On the broadcast, regarding the casting of actor Song Joong-ki to appear in Heize’s “HAPPEN” music video, Psy said, “I tend to get people accustomed to me”.


He continued, “I got his contact and spent 2 weeks just greeting and asking how he was doing”, adding, “At some point, he asked me back. Then I stopped greeting and went straight to my point”.

Psy surprised everyone as he confessed, “In the case of Lee Byung-hun, it took me 5 to 6 years”. He added, “With Lee Byung-hun, I also started with greeting…”, drawing laughter. 

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