“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki Young thought to be a real Afghan, perfect localization

Kang Ki Young immersed himself fully in the 2023 movie “Bargain”, to the point he can be mistaken for a local. 

In 2023, Kang Yi Young will be appearing as a co-star of Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min in the movie “Bargain”. The movie is also written by the director of “Little Forest” and “The Best Moments of Our Lives”, raising a lot of expectations. 

“Bargain” is a movie that depicts the negotiation process between a diplomat and a local NIS agency, who went to Afghanistan to save Koreans, only to be held hostage by terrorists in the worst kidnapping case.

Kang Ki Young Bargaining

Prior to his movie, Kang Ki Young has starred in various notable projects, including “Oh My Ghostess”,”Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, and most recently, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Now, as a cast member of “Bargain”, the actor will transform into Lee Bong Han (Kasim), a persistent Korea man who survived in the back alleys of Afghanistan, infusing a vitality that only he can evoke.

Kang Ki Young’s character Kasim first appeared as a man who enjoys gambling and drinking. He has also completely localized, and can pass as an actual Afghan person. Previously, this character was trying to earn money in a back alley, but Dae Sik (Hyun Bin) offered him to become the interpreter. Here, with his proficiency of Afghanistan’s official language Dari and another popular language Pashto, Kasim is an indispensable character for the negotiation mission and the fun of the movie. 

Kang Ki Young Bargaining

Regarding this appearance, Kang Yi Young said, “Above all, I felt the greatest charm in using an unfamiliar language. I wanted to do it perfectly, and so I put all my energy into the language. In addition, I memorize lines by learning them as if they were rap lyrics in a song.”

It is fair to assume Kang Ki Young is being re-discovered through the actor’s appearance in various hotels and films. 

On the other hand, “Bargain” will be released on January 18t, 2022. 

Source: Nate

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