“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Joo Jong Hyuk sent a love call to his doppleganger Yang Se Chan

Actor Joo Jong Hyuk, who played “Tactician Kwon” in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, admitted the uncanny similarities between him and Yang Se chan

On August 22nd, the official YouTube channel for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Kora published an interview video with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actor Joo Jong Hyuk

In the video, Joo Jong Hyuk was asked if he’s aware of a meme comparing him with “Running Man” member Yang Se Chan, to which the actor replied: “I have watched it so many times, he almost feels like my older brother. Yeah, there’s resemblance.”

After that, Joo Jong Hyuk sent a video message to Se Chan, where he said: “Hi Se Chan. When you have a chance, give me a hug please.”

joo jong hyuk

“It’s an honor to hear that I and you look alike, I love you..”, the actor added. 

As Joo Jong Hyuk delivered his message, a CGI beard made with black marker was applied on his face, causing viewers to laugh. 

In the same interview, the actor revealed that he prefers comfortable clothing styles and hair that shows his forehead.

joo jong hyuk

On the other hand, Joo Jong Hyuk previously took on the role of Kwon Min Woo, who is called “Tactician Kwon” in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, showing off his brilliant antagonistic acting and drawing a lot of attention.

Source: Insight

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