EXID Park Jung Hwa reveals “Mask Girl” Lee Areum’s employee card

EXID member-actress Park Jung Hwa released behind-the-scenes photos of “Mask Girl”.

On August 23rd, Park Jung Hwa uploaded several photos through her Instagram with the caption “Memories with Areum“.

The photos showed Park Jung Hwa as Lee Areum in “Mask Girl“. Park Jung Hwa was creating a lovely atmosphere with her bright smile.

Park Jung-hwa

Park Jung Hwa drew attention by revealing the script for “Mask Girl” and Lee Areum’s Daehan Marine & Fire Insurance Co. employee card. She also released a friendly two-shot with Choi Daniel, who showed an inverted relationship with her in the drama.

Regarding this photo, Park Jung Hwa wrote, “Areum who loves Team Leader Park.”

Furthermore, Park Jung Hwa expressed her extraordinary affection for the character by adding, “Traces of my love for Areum“, “Our pretty, pure and sincere Areum, whom I love very much” and “I was very happy thanks to Areum.

Netflix’s series “Mask Girl” tells the story of Kim Momi, an office worker who is insecure about her looks. She becomes a masked internet personality by night — until a chain of unexpected, ill-fated events overtakes her life.

Park Jung Hwa played Lee Areum, who is envied by Kim Momi and other female employees because she monopolizes the bosses’ nice treatment with her superior beauty.

Source: Nate

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