The surprising relationship between HYBE and JYP: from cute idol interactions to presidents?

HYBE Labels and JYP Entertainment are two of the biggest Kpop companies in Korea, but did you know about the relationship between them?

The relationship between HYBE Labels and JYP Entertainment extends from their CEOs to their artists. 

Recently, a moment where TWICE couldn’t take their eyes off NewJeans has gone viral across the net. In particular, both groups appeared on a music show, and as NewJeans made their ending poses, TWICE members Mina, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon looked at them with the fondest eyes. 

In addition, during the encore stage, TWICE and NewJeans also boasted the cutest interaction, with NewJeans bowing to their seniors, while TWICE danced along to NewJeans’ song “Attention”. 

Previously on the music show “Inkigayo”, Changbin if Stray Kids and Yeonjun of TXT became the talk of town for their cute height gap. Specifically, Changbin looked tiny next to the HYBE male idol, and despite him explaining that it was partly due to the camera angle, netizens still had a lot of laughs. 

Another adorable interaction between a HYBE and JYP artist was Nayeon and V at the 2020  Golden Disk Awards. In particular, BTS V was supposed to throw a dart at the balloons on stage, but he was too into the music and forgot. Seeing this, Nayeon made a signal to remind the male idol, and was later praised for her quick action. 

On another occasion, Jungkook and Sana worked as MCs for a music show, and boasted cute interactions as well as a handshake, causing many fans to get excited. 

Finally, the most “legendary relationship” between HYBE and JYP is actually between their presidents Bang Shi Hyuk and Park Jin Young. In particular, at the press conference for the TV show “Super Intern”, Park Jin Young revealed that Bang Shi Hyuk was actually among the 3 founding members of JYP Entertainment. However, by 2005, Bang Shi Hyuk decided to leave due to an argument with Park Jin Young, and later established Big Hit Entertainment – the foundation for HYBE Labels today. 

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