IVE Rei sent a video, but leader An Yu Jin “ignored” her

IVE Rei expressed her sadness towards leader An Yu Jin.

On April 13th, IVE appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel “MMTG” and shared various stories with MC Jaejae.

Jaejae mentioned the lyrics of IVE’s new song “Kitsch”, “No reply after reading the DM you sent. That’s my answer.” She then asked IVE members, “‘Left on Read’ and ‘Left on Unread’, which hurts you?” Everyone agreed that “Left on Read” hurts more. Rei said, “Yu Jin did it to me recently. Left on Read.”

Rei confessed, “I saw a funny video and sent it to Yu Jin. But there was no reply. She read but didn’t reply.” She expressed sadness, “(An Yu Jin) didn’t even watch the video.” An Yu Jin covered her face and lowered her head as if she was sorry.


Jaejae told An Yu Jin, “What’s wrong with you? Because you’re ISTP?”, An Yu Jin replied, “ISTP is the problem.” Hearing this, Jaejae said playfully, “You don’t think it’s a problem, right now.” An Yu Jin showed her sense by replying with the lyrics of “Kitsch”, “That’s my style.”

Meanwhile, when appearing on tvN’s “Earth Arcade” last year, An Yu Jin was upset that rapper Lee Young Ji ignored her messages.

At that time, she revealed that Lee Young Ji answered in the group chat room where “Earth Arcade” members gathered, but did not read the personal KakaoTalk messages she sent.

An Yu Jin made everyone burst into laughter as she explained, “Do you know what the last message I left? I told her, ‘I won’t let it go.’ But she didn’t read that, either.”

Source: Insight

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