ex-Miss A Jia appeared on a Chinese show with a similar concept to “Street Woman Fighter” and danced “Hey Mama”

Jia, a former member of girl group Miss A, appeared in a Chinese entertainment show similar to “Street Dance Girls Fighter.”

Recently, Jia appeared in a Chinese entertainment program called “Campus Go 2022”. This program is known as a dance competition among members of university dance clubs.

The released video showed Jia proudly appearing among the students and showing her dance skills.


At that time, Jia selected the song “Hey Mama,” which drew a lot of attention with the choreography created by Korean dancer Noze, and started to cover it. Jia showed off her sharp dance skills as an ex-idol, and the students standing on both sides responded by raising their hands up and down.

In particular, during the point choreography of “Hey Mama,” everyone danced together with her, drawing attention.

However, this scene was also included in Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter”. 

“Street Dance Girls Fighter” is a 6-episode reality program that selects Korea’s best high school girl dance crew and ended in January. At that time, female dance teams such as Holly Bang, WayB, and Prowdman, who appeared in “Street Woman Fighter,” participated as mentors, drawing attention.

When introducing the crews, the dancers passed by and danced among the students, and this scene drew attention because it is similar to the scene where Jia appears in the Chinese entertainment show.

Some responded to this, saying, “They wouldn’t copy even the program format, right?” and “Anyone watching this would think it was a choreography made by a Chinese person.”

Source: insight

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