Ex-Lovelyz’s Mijoo worries fans by showing watery eyes in latest selfies

It seems like former Lovelyz member Mijoo has a lot on her mind as she prepares for her re-debut. Fans are worried after she posted "tearful selfies."

On March 6th, Mijoo uploaded two photos without any caption. In the shared photos, she caught fans attention by staring at the camera with disheveled hair. In particular, she looked somewhat tearful in the photos, even though she was smiling in one. 


Fans responded with comments like, “There’s no end to the blessings of Mijoo’s selfies, I’m tearing up…“, “Mijoo’s smile is so pretty,” “Thank you for posting selfies often,” and “It seems like she was slightly crying… What happened?

Meanwhile, Mijoo is currently loved for showing various sides of herself in MBC’s entertainment program, “Hangout with Yoo.” She has also gained attention as a member of JS in Yu Jae Suk’s group, as she prepares to make her re-debut. 

Source: Nate. 

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