Is the transparent backpack a trending fashion?… The secret of ARMYs who came to BTS’s concert in the U.S

The thing that differentiates between ARMYs in the U.S and in Korea has recently drawn attention. It is an unexpected item. 

It is a fact that the boy group BTS is now gaining huge popularity around the world. Nowadays, it is even more difficult to find people who answer “NO” to the question “Do You Know BTS?” in North or South America, Europe and even in the Middle East. 

Their popularity is enough to get them to be called a “global pop star”. In addition, it has also become not too difficult to find ARMYs (BTS’s official fandom name) anywhere in the world. The same was true for Las Vegas, the U.S. Countless ARMYs gathered for BTS’s concert shows in Las Vegas once again to show their generous support and affection for BTS and make the members feel their popularity in this region. 

One common thing that makes ARMYs around the world so enthusiastic about BTS is the positive messages and energy they delivered as well as the members’ solid skills and high-quality performances. However, ARMYs in the U.S is different from Korean fans because of one thing. What is that unique characteristic of American ARMYs?


The secret behind the transparent PVC backpack worn by 10 out of 10 ARMYs!

The first thing that many ARMYs in Las Vegas have in common is an unexpected item.  Fans who visited various event spots, such as pop-up stores, near the Allegiant Stadium all brought a backpack (or shoulder bag) made of transparent material along with them. 

It was such an impressive scene of fans carrying PVC bags that revealed their belongings clearly. These fans showed their individualities by putting photocards of their favorite members in the bag or attaching colorful keyrings or badges that have photos or characters of BTS. It was so interesting to see the majority of fans, regardless of age and gender, wearing transparent bags as a popular item there. 

So why did they all choose transparent bags?

It was not easy for Korean fans to guess the secret behind these PVC bags. In fact, it was because of the thorough security checks conducted for the safety of audiences and artists at all the venues where BTS performs, including the Allegiant Stadium which held BTS’s Las Vegas shows.

In fact, at the time of the Las Vegas concert, to enter the venue, it was necessary to pass through the security checkpoint, which resembles an airport checkpoint, and to check additional belongings by security personnel. Even after passing through the security checkpoint, security personnel was making every effort to ensure safety by additionally inspecting the inside of the audience’s bags.


This was an essential procedure to prevent safety accidents in concert halls due to the nature of the United States where guns are allowed. However, in the case of a large stadium concert, as tens of thousands of spectators entered, the time required for a thorough inspection had to be considerable. Accordingly, concerts in the United States have been under the condition that only transparent bags of a certain standard can be brought into the concert hall. The intention is to make it easier and more thorough to inspect the audience’s belongings and to effectively prohibit inappropriate items by restricting certain bag specifications.

In addition to the existence of transparent bags, the colorful “Party Girl” styling of some local fans who visit the concert hall to enjoy the concert was quite different from that in Korea.

In general, domestic ARMYs tend to prefer styles that focus on comfort and mobility when watching concerts, while American ARMYs enjoy the concert atmosphere with colorful and unconventional styling as if they were attending a party. Amid the popularity of BTS, which hit the world, ARMYs’ various aspects that reflect the cultural characteristics of each country are also creating another attraction.

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