Evidence of Angela Baby Attending BLACKPINK Lisa’s Show Contradicts Crazy Horse’s Statement?

Angela Baby’s alleged presence at BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse show sparks controversy

Angela Baby and Jenny Zhang have recently faced criticism from Chinese netizens who believed they came to watch BLACKPINK’s Lisa‘s performance at the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris, France. While it has been confirmed that Jenny Zhang indeed visited Crazy Horse as rumored, Angela Baby’s attendance was denied by Crazy Horse.

However, Chinese netizens have found new evidence proving that Angela Baby had indeed gone to Lisa’s Crazy Horse show to show her support. As of now, the actress herself has not officially commented on this matter.

Angela Baby’s car was spotted near the area of Crazy Horse Paris. Netizens also noticed Jenny Zhang passing by Angela Baby’s car before entering Crazy Horse.

Angela Baby
Netizens recognized the area outside Crazy Horse to be identical to the location where Angela Baby’s car was parked
Angela Baby
Angela Baby previously styled her hair similarly to the girl in the video
Angela Baby
It is not difficult to notice the resemblance between Angela Baby’s handbag and the girl in the video
Angela Baby
The next detail that Chinese netizens uncovered came from the Instagram account of a member of Angela Baby’s team. They posted a picture at Crazy Horse along with a ticket to Lisa’s performance.
Angela Baby
Notably, an audience of the show also revealed they saw Angela Baby and her friends at Crazy Horse 
crazy horse paris
Earlier, Crazy Horse’s account denied Angela Baby’s presence at Lisa’s performance on their SNS 

Angela Baby is now facing the risk of being “blacklisted” due to the backlash from Chinese netizens. CCTV has deleted Angela Baby’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala video following her controversy.

Furthermore, sources from Zhejiang TV revealed that “Keep Running,” in which Angela Baby participated, has been postponed, and there is even consideration to ban Angela Baby from appearing on the show. Two new dramas starring Angela Baby, “Everlasting Longing” and “Back For You,” have also been affected. Promotional posts for these two dramas on Weibo are flooded with demands to boycott Angela Baby.

Source: K14

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